Technical Info Hot Rolled Products


  1. Inventory – Bars are typically made as per requirement of each individual customers. We keep a few popular sizes and grades in stock
  2. End Use- Please discuss end use before placing of your first order or any change in end use in subsequent orders
  3. Sizes: We manufacture a number of metric sizes. The sizes are given in the Products pages
  4. Lengths- Typical lengths are between 5.5 to 6m. We can make lengths upto 15 metres depending on feasibility.
  5. Dimensional Tolerances: Typically, we maintain positive tolerances in our bar products in hot rolled condition but within the national standard.
  6. Minimum Order Quantity:
    a) For our standard grades typical order quantity is 10 tonnes. Where smaller quantities are offered, they will never be less than 3 tonnes.
    b) From specially purchased billets on every occasion, order acceptance is strictly conditional on receipt of a written undertaking to consume specially purchased billets in an agreed timescale.