Steel Hexagons

Introduction to Steel Hexagons

Steel Hexagons are long steel bars having 6 sides. They are used in a number of engineering products such as nuts, bolts, hydraulic fittings, machined components etc

The most popular grades used for Steel Hexagons or hex are

    1. Free Cutting Steel Hex such as En1a and En1a(Pb).
    1. Semi Free Cutting Steel Hex such as En8m, En8dm and En15Am
    1. Mild Steels such as A105, 1018, etc
    1. Carbon Steels such as En8d, 1045
    1. Alloy Steels such as SAE 4140, etc.

We are supplier of  steel hexagons in bar form to a number of companies in Mumbai, Pune (eg Chakan, Bhosari, Ranjangaon, etc), Aurangabad, Ahmednagar, Rajkot, Thane, Nagpur, etc.

We can provide you  Steel Hex in the following sizes

    1. Black Bar Sizes: 23.5mm, 25.5mm, 27mm, 28.5mm, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 38mm, 43mm, 46mm, 52.5mm
    1. Bright Bar Sizes : 22 mm, 7/8″, 24 mm, 1″,  27 mm, 1 1/8″,  30mm, 32mm, 1.25″, 36mm, 41mm, 46mm, 50mm

steel hexagons

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