Steel Bars Confirming to IS7283

The Government of India by its order No S.O. 3458(E) dated 18th December 2015   made BIS compulsory for use of many steel products. One of the new IS standards made compulsory is IS 7283. IS7283 is a BIS standard covering HOT-ROLLED BARS FOR THE PRODUCTION OF BRIGHT BARS AND MACHINED PARTS FOR ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS.

The standards covers round bars, hexagons and squares. In India it is compulsory as per the order above for anyone dealing, producing, storing, selling, etc in steel products which fall under the standards mentioned to deal in material which is BIS marked and BIS certificate is received along with the material.

So now it is compulsory for anyone a) manufacturing bright bars b) engaged in machining parts for engineering applications to purchase material conforming to IS7283

We can provide round bars, hexagons and square conforming to IS7283.

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There has been an amendment in the above mentioned order in IS 7283. Only a few grades have been excluded upto August 2016 which can be found in the order attached below

Steel Quality Control Order March 2016 Amendment

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