Bright Bars

Bright Bar

We are leading manufacturers of Bright Bar such as Bright Round Bars, Bright Hexagon Bars and Bright Rectangular Steel Bars.

Bright Bars come in various sizes and grades and confirm to various national and international standards as per requirements of the customers.

We make our own hot rolled bars for making bright bars. Depending on the requirement of customers we also purchase steel bars from reputed manufacturers.

Various industries such as machined components, hydraulic fittings, pump shafts, fasteners, auto parts, construction, capital goods, valves, machine tools, dairy equipment, studs, bolts, pins, etc. use bright bars.

Steel Bright Bar or Cold Drawn Bar are steel bars manufactured by passing hot rolled steel bars through dies in a cold process.

The advantages of cold drawn steel bright bars are:

    1. Cold drawing of steel improves Size and Section which provides Tighter tolerances which Reduces machining losses.
    1. Improved Steel Surface Finish which Reduces surface machining & improves quality.
    1. Improved Straightness which Facilitates automatic bar feeding in CNC.
    1. It increases Mechanical Properties which Can reduce the need for hardening.
    1. It improves Machinability and Productivity which Enables higher machining feeds, high tool life, yield & speeds and improved machined finish.

bright bar

Sizes we make in Bright Bars are:

    1. Bright Rounds: 18mm to 63.5mm
    1. Bright Hexagon Bars – 22mm to 50mm

We can manufacture any size within our size range provided the requirement is regular.

Grades we manufacture regularly in Bright Bar Steel Rounds : Mild Steel, AISI 1018 steel, En8d steel, S45C,  S48C, C45Cr, En1a steel, En1a(Pb), En8m, 1035, 35C8, En15Am, EN5K steel, 16MnCr5 steel, 20MnCr5 steel, SAE 4140, En19 steel, etc.

We are supplier of  steel bright barto a number of companies and traders in Mumbai, Pune (eg Chakan, Bhosari, Ranjangaon, etc), Aurangabad, Ahmednagar, Rajkot, Thane, Nagpur, Belgaum, etc.

Further details can be had from our website

Cold Drawn Bars undergo various types of forming operations such as machining, forging, punching, slotting, cutting, drilling, knurling, etc.


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