Steel Export

Steel Export from India

India has a large amount of iron ore reserves. Coupled with other advantages such as the scope of increase of per capita steel consumption makes India an exiting destination for the steel industry. A lot of steel export happens from India.

The world steel industry is geared towards providing steel in bulk and with huge shipment times. The products are restricted to certain grades and in certain fixed lengths such as 6m.

This leaves small consumers who receive urgent orders of customised products few options to source steel in a regular cost effective manner.

We can provide steel in custom grades, sizes and lengths in container loads. Some of the products we can provide are Rounds, Bright Bars, Hexagons, Flats, Rectangular Steel Bars, Crane Rails, Dowell Bars, etc. We can also provide various customised chemical compositions if the requirement is regular.

Kindly contact with your requirements to Ashish Gupta on +91 9987364999 or email at [email protected] for your requirements.

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